12th Annual Meeting of the Ethological Society
From Sensory Perception to Behaviour
Bonn, February 22nd-24th, 2017


Please make your hotel reservation using the following options:

Bonn Tourist Information

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Please note that hotel rooms in Bonn are in high demand during Karneval. Therefore, early booking is advised since hotel rooms may actually be booked out. 

Here is a short list of the hotels nearby.

The following hotels are located close (ca. 5 min walk) to the Congress venue:

Hotel President http://www.presidenthotel.de

Hotel Krug http://www.hotelkrug.de/index.php?page=contact&lang=2

Hotel MyPoppelsdorf http://www.mypoppelsdorf.com/en/mypoppelsdorf

Hotel Am Roonplatz http://www.hotel-am-roonplatz.de/

The following hotels are a bit further away (ca. 10-15 min walk):

Hotel Günnewig Bristol http://www.guennewig.de/bnbristo/homepage_e.php

Hotel Günnewig Residence http://www.guennewig.de/bnreside/homepage_e.php

Hotel Villa Esplanade http://www.hotel-villa-esplanade.de

Hotel Mozart http://www.hotel-mozart-bonn.com

Hotel Continental http://www.continental-bonn.de

InterCity Hotel Bonn https://www.intercityhotel.com

Hotel Kurfürstenhof http://www.kurfuerstenhof-bonn.de/de/

And there are of course numerous hotels located in the heart of the city.

For those travelling on a short budget, there is also a youth hostel in Bonn that is located outside of town but can be easily reached by bus from both the city center and Poppelsdorf Castle.


If you do not have a youth hostel pass and need a cheap accomodation, you may consider to stay at:

Max-Hostel in Bonn http://www.max-hostel.de/

BaseCamp Hostel Bonn http://www.basecamp-bonn.de